County Tyrone Haunting 23/11/2004


After getting over ten email and phone calls regarding a sighting of a old woman standing at the side of the road and watching people passing then disappearing through a wall over a bridge and also another figure of a young woman walking in front of cars then disappearing we were asked by a local resident to come down and do an investigation in the area to see if we could find anything.

The first night we went to investigate was the 26/11/04 and after meeting with the resident we went to the places where the woman was seen, Brian set up a camcorder and Linda was using the digital voice recorder, we went up to the ruined house set back in the trees, we had two members there and two at the road.

After sitting for an hour (and getting some weird looks from passing traffic I got the name………………….given to me and I could see an old woman across the road watching us, around 70 years of age with tied up dark grey hair and what struck me not very happy looking. We sat on for another hour but with nothing else happening we went home, checking video tapes and recorder we found nothing out of the ordinary.

Second night of investigation on 03/12/04 we got down and set the equipment up after two hours we were all aware of a woman’s voice and got an impression of sadness and anger, we were just getting ready to leave when both myself and Brian say the woman again looking at us I walked to where we say her and straight away I felt overcome with sadness to the extent that the tears were rolling down my cheeks, spirit told me that she could not cross over until something to do with her land and the church had been rectified.

The third night we went down was the 15/12/04 and we decided to focus on the house rather then the road setting up camcorder and evp recorders we sat down and started the vigil. We all soon became aware of the woman and also of a man watching us we tuned in and asked spirit to help us communicate with the spirit people present We all felt a very deep sense of depression and that the house, the woman and the man needed help to move on, we did a clearing and all felt a more peaceful atmosphere around us, I know we had helped the spirit people here but I don’t think they will move on until the land thing has been sorted.

We have visited the site again on the 23/04/05 and still feel the presence of the spirits in the area, we researched the area in the local library we found two cases of fatal accidents on the road and just up from the haunted site, we also found details of an old woman who lived in the house, we have been told she is the old lady who is haunting the road but I am sure it is another spirit of a woman and not this one.

UPDATE 05/01/09

Due to all the email, phone calls TV  and radio article’s we have done over the past several weeks we have revisited the site, but due to all the cars and sightseers trying to see “the lady in white”?, we have put off the investigation until thing’s settle down a bit. We did still feel the spirit energy of an old woman but also a man who did not like to be seen and was always moving away from us and staying in the shadows.

We have spoken to several locals who will be helping us with our investigations and putting this case and it’s spirits to rest, so keep watching for updates, below is some photo's we have taken and that have been emailed to us from the house...............status ongoing.


Above the house of the "White Lady"? with Ectoplasam just starting to form at the left hand side, very active site, with lot's of sightings reported below Ectoplam forming have a look and see what, if anything you can see, more photo's will be uploaded soon, keep an open mind.




For the believer no proof is necessary, for the non-believer no proof is possible (Stewart Chase 1929)

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