Warren Coates- Founder, Head Investigator e-mail: warren@nipra.co.uk Phone: 07702102082

I was brought up in a Haunted House. Everyone, except me, saw the figure of a Monk on the upstairs landing. When I was old enough I started out on the field of Paranormal Research, in which now I have had over 35 years experience. I was born in Belfast but moved to Bangor at 8 months old. I am now 45, married, with three great boys, but still have the energy to delve into the unknown. We research all aspects of the Paranormal and the Occult. As a group we are more spiritually orientated and do regular development work with spirituality. We  feel that this is a two way road and that they too want to, and do, communicate with us. I did not want to just read other peoples experiences- I wanted them for myself, so in 1991 NIPRA was born. We also do awareness workshops for people wishing to develop themselfs more, we do feel that it is not a one way road and that spirits trying to make contact with the living also.

We have also joined Irish Paranormal Alliance (IPA), a body with the primary aim of enabling groups with a genuine interest in the paranormal to share knowledge and research, and also to help provide some discipline & guidance in the field of paranormal study in Ireland.


Jarlith McGrath,- investigator

Hi, Iím Jarlath McGrath from Dungannon, Co. Tyrone. I have been a member of NIPRA for a few years now. I joined the group after I was witness to paranormal activity in a house of some friends of mine (they fled the house shortl after). Having had a life long interest in the paranormal my original aim was to experience as much of the presence of spirit as I could and comfirm to myself the existance of the paranormal. My time with NIPRA has done that and more however my focus has changed over these past years. I now find working with spirit and trying to establish communication with them fascinating and rewarding. Another aspect of my work with NIPRA is being able to help members of the public to identify if they have spirit in their homes is also very rewarding. Being in NIPRA has been an education both in the paranormal and me that'll continue for.


Dawna Dunlop,- Investigator.

My name is Dawna, Im, from Belfast, growing up I had a few experiences, from seeing different people who had passed. Including my father a few days after he had passed away, to hearing different unexplainable noises and voices. As I got older I looked into joining a paranormal group to try and understand the things I had been experiencing. I got in contact with Warren, had my interview and after a period of time was lucky enough to get accepted into NIPRA I am now a very proud member of this paranormal family and look forward to many a happy, wonderful and adventurous spiritual moments.


Donna McCulloch- Investigator.

From a very young age I remember my Grandmother and other family members talking about the spirits around us and our spirit guides. There were regular visits to my grandmaís house by several spirits and at least one Earth bound. Over the years I have had many experiences myself with the spirit world and I believe beyond doubt that we are surrounded by the spirit world and will always touch on this, especially in times of need.


Emma McManus- Investigator.

I've had a curiosity about the paranormal for over 10 years now. It started with watching the classic "ghost hunting" tv shows but then branched out into local history. With a background in art and now photography, that has helped my paranormal interests as I love to photograph religious ruins and graveyards.


For the believer no proof is necessary, for the non-believer no proof is possible (Stewart Chase 1929)

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