Ross Castle

Ross Castle built in 1536 is situated on the shores of Lough Sheelin, County Meath, in the heart of Ireland. It features unique en-suite bed-and-breakfast accommodation in a historic setting. The castle offers beautiful waterfront views across a lake, famous for trout, perch and pike fishing; it is a very quiet and peaceful place……until nightfall’s.


A night’s stay could bring you face to face with some interesting spirits, from Sabina who is condemned to walk the castle, looking for her lover as payment for what her father did, to the spirit of Slasher (Myles O’Reilly), who is seen pacing the top floor room. Or you may be lucky to encounter some of the other paranormal activity, from doors opening and closing, lights being turned on and off, shouting and screaming, loud bangs and dragging noises to the black cat that will jump onto you’re knee.


You will join the NIPRA team, to do a full paranormal investigation into the castle, just be warned after Benita and Sam the owners leave for the night we will be locked in with only the spirits to keep us company. Several times people have fled the castle in the middle of the night because of the things they hear and see, will you add to their number or will you be there in the morning, safe, alive and sane.

From early April 2011 we will be running both mid week breaks and weekend breaks, also we are taking tours to Fore Abbey and to several ancient buriel sites and stone circles in the area, so if you have an interest in ghosts, spirits, Wicca and just love to be in a places teaming with paranormal activity then Ross castle is for you, please note all booking must have a deposit to make sure of your place. We can offer a great discount for larger groups and for two night stays.

We do one and two night breaks here, phone 07702102082 for prices and dates.


Ross Castle
The drive up to the castle, last chance to turn and go home.

                                        Right is the haunted fireplace, where a man is seen to vanish into it.

View of Lough Sheelin from Slashers room.


For the believer no proof is necessary, for the non-believer no proof is possible (Stewart Chase 1929)

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