Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are non-physical entities. They exist in spirit and the vibration of their spiritual bodies is very fast. They are normally not seen on a physical or material level. The physical dimension of the world we live in vibrates at a very slow rate. In order to contact your Guides, you must raise the vibration of your spiritual body to the point where communication is possible. Meditation is the fastest and easiest way to raise your vibration. Once your spiritual vibration has increased, there are several ways that you can contact your Guiding Entity. The most typical ways (but not the only ways) of making contact with your Guides are:

•Through Clairvoyance (seeing them in Spirit)

•Through Clairaudience (hearing them in your mind)

Why Are They Here?

Spirit Guides come in many forms and they are here to help guide you on your life path. Guides ensure that you meet the people that are necessary for your growth and development, and have the experiences that will help you to progress spiritually. Spirit Guides are often known by various names such as:

•Guardian Angels

•Guiding Entities


We all have at least one Spirit Guide. Those of you who choose to develop your abilities will be in contact with many different Guides and Teachers over the course of a lifetime. You will be able to meet with these beings to receive insight, inspiration and support. Those of you who do not develop your abilities will also be in contact with these Guides and Teachers but will probably not be aware of it.

Through the development of your Inner Guidance, you can learn to communicate with, and contact your Guides. You can become very good friends with some of them. Guides are aware of your every thought and action. There is no point in lying to a Guide because they already know the truth (even when you don't ) and they will always love and support you. This means that if you don't want your friends to come over for dinner because you don't want to see them, your Guide will know this and accept it without any judgment or guilt. There is no pressure and they won't be telling you that you are not being socially correct or polite. There is never the worry that they might not like you for who you are. You don't have to do things to gain their approval nor do you have to prove anything to them.

How A Spirit Guide Will Appear To You...

Guides will appear to you as you can accept them. Many have been with you in prior lifetimes and will often appear to you as they were during that time period. It is not unusual to see an Egyptian, a Monk, a Priest, a Native American Indian, or an Atlantean. It would be unusual for a relative to be your Guide. A relative or friend who has passed over may be around you for support or for temporary guidance but they are not normally your Spirit Guide.

When you first meet your Guide, he or she will probably make it a gradual introduction so as not to frighten or overwhelm you. A Guide will never want to frighten you. Many people have Guides that first appeared to them as a foot, a hand or an eye. The body part appeared quickly and then disappeared. It can take weeks (sometimes months) before they show themselves fully. For those of you who are religious, your Guide may appear as an Angel with wings. Sometimes a Guide will appear as an animal. For many people it it easier to accept an animal than a person as it is less frightening to them or they might relate to animals better than they relate to people. It is not unusual to see birds (eagles, hawks, owls), dolphins, whales, panthers, lions, tigers, horses, dogs, cats, and smaller animals. Guides will usually give you a name that you can use when speaking with them although this is not always the case. Guides usually work with more then one person at a time.

In Conclusion...

Guides communicate with you all the time. They plant ideas in your mind. They impress you to go places or do certain things. You would be amazed at how much of your life is actually guided by these entities. They know what you are here (in physical) to accomplish in this lifetime and what lessons you are working on and their job is to make it happen (whether you want it to or not).

If you want to get to know your Spirit Guide better, try practicing the meditation visualization on a continuous basis. Your Guide can be a great friend.
Spirit Guide Responsibilities

A Lifetime Guide carries the responsibility of setting up situations and opportunities for you. For example, if you need to meet John Doe on the corner of Main Street and Wilson Avenue at 10:45 a.m., they will make sure that you are there at the right time. It might look like a coincidence but it is not. Everything happens for a reason. These Guides are particularly busy. They are coordinators and truly professional in their responsibilities. Your life and your life experiences are much more controlled than you probably realize or are willing to accept.

Those of you who are interested in the healing arts will find yourself with a Healing Guide. The Healing Guide is one who helps you perform healings and to work with the healing energy. Healing Guides stand with you during your healing work to manipulate the energy and to tell or impress you with what needs to be done (such as where to move your hands or how long to stay in a certain position).

A Spiritual Guide is an entity who usually shows up when you are going through really important spiritual events or transformations. They are Teachers. For example, they may show up when you first discover your ability of Clairaudience (hearing Spirit) or they may show up when you have resolved or completed a major karmic situation. When you see your Spiritual Guide, you should know that something very significant has happened.

During your journey, you will meet many Spirit Teachers with different levels of understanding and knowledge. They will influence you or show up in your life for a short period of time or to help out with a specific issue. It is their area of expertise that will be of a great benefit to you. For example, if you are learning how to be in a romantic relationship, you may meet a Guide to help you to understand and deal with the issues that will come up while you learn this lesson. Children who are going through a parent's divorce often have a Child Guide to be a friend and to help them to cope with the changes.

Another type of Guiding entity is called a Protector. The Protector does exactly that - protects you from negative energy forms. The more involved you become in the metaphysical realm, the more likely you are to have a Protector.

Protectors are normally assigned to people who are running a meditation group or any spiritual cause. In the case of a meditation group, the Protector controls who (from Spirit) is allowed to come into the room. Protectors also exist for those who never become involved in the metaphysical world. People who have chosen a life where they will encounter a great deal of negativity will most likely have Protectors to help them on their path even though they may never be aware of them. Protectors generally appear as fairly large entities however there are exceptions. There are some who will appear in frilly white gowns. It is normal to see protectors appear as: Native American Indians, Sumo Wrestlers, Genies or animals.

Just as a Doctor or Computer Programmer needs to go to school, a Guiding entity needs to be taught to be a Guide. Thus we have Guides in training or Apprentice Guides. These are entities who are just learning to be a Guide. They are usually assigned to a Guide who will teach them what they need to know and help them to get to point where they can work independently.

There are also Guides that exist in physical right now. Their job is to guide and help others. They are in effect "angels on earth". We are all Guides for other people to some extent (parents guiding children, friends helping friends) however, these Guides are in physical now to help people adjust to the new energies. They are very knowledgeable and many people would not understand why they live their lives in the manner that they do. These are generally people filled with a sense of peace and they do not live with the normal fears that most people have today. They are the Teachers of tomorrow.

One of the most important types of Guides that you will encounter is called your Higher-Self. The Higher-Self is that part of you that knows all and sees all without you being aware of him or her. The Higher-Self is you, only it feels no fear and lives in love. The Higher-Self usually appears to you as a Guide, does not look like you do in physical, and won't necessarily tell you who he or she is. Many of you will be meditating and communicating with Guides who may actually be your Higher-Self.

Your Higher-Self is the one that causes you to have an illness. The Higher-Self knows what is best for you and what you need to experience and understand in this lifetime. If your Higher-Self feels you need to slow down, he or she may decide to give you a cold. Many illnesses are predetermined (i.e. decided before you came into physical) and the Higher-Self simply activates the illness when and if it becomes time. It is simply a learning process that you have agreed to experience in order to better understand yourself, to help others, and to grow.

In Conclusion...

It is possible to develop a really good relationship with a Guide. Guides can give you a great deal of information, support, encouragement and love. They each have their own unique personality which can be felt in their energy. Most of you will have a Guide that becomes a very good friend and confident.

A Higher level Teacher may not want to discuss your day to day events but your Healing Guide may be delighted to chat with you. Go with the flow. Learn to feel the energy associated with each Guide and it will help you to identify them. Practice the Meeting your Spirit Guide Meditation and specifically ask to meet a "type" of Guide (Protector, Healing, Spiritual etc.)


For the believer no proof is necessary, for the non-believer no proof is possible (Stewart Chase 1929)

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